Life can be messy!

I wish someone had told me earlier, that life could sometimes get messy. In fact that, for the majority us that  is an understatement. Life is messy no matter how you choose to look at it. Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me that things often don’t go the way we planned them to, or wished, dreamed, thought they would. We meet people with their own drama who feel a perpetual need to share the fun. We get hurt, we make the wrong decisions, we try to go back and the doors are slammed shut, there is no turning back. We get our hearts broken even though we kinda knew that this would happen …lets just say sometimes we don’t know how to set ourselves up for success. We lose hope and doubt God, if He really cared how could He let this happen?

This is what life is – it’s a mess.

But I wish that someone had told me much sooner that with life you can start again. That inspite of all that I have done, the bad decisions and the mistakes things, could still turn around for the better. Couldn’t someone have told me that life was really what I made it, that I could actually be responsible and become great. I wish someone had told me sooner to let go of my insecurities, to step out and just say hello! Should there not be a class in school that teaches us to persevere and give it all we have, to take a leap of faith and just trust that things will all work out. I wish someone had told me that I didn’t have to perform for God, that He loved me in my mess and sacrificed His Only for me. That He gave it all inspite of how it hurt Him. I wish I had known all along that no matter how messy, dirty, mangled and painful life will get, He is right there with me in the mess. Didn’t He tell us He would never leave us nor forsake us. #believe

Dealing with secret sins

This is for the ANYONE who is struggling with secret sins.

Have you ever sat yourself down and had an honest conversation with yourself, or taken the time to have a good long stare in the mirror? The facade becomes a heavy mask after carrying it around for so long. The words become less and less convincing because you know the truth. You can barely tell difference between the lies and you live in fear that your secret life won’t be a secret anymore.

Its easy to get into the mechanics of things, to appear to be something and still not be it. We justify the sins and the feelings of shame that come with them, God surely understands I’m work in progress. I caught myself judging the sin of another when I was secretly struggling with it myself. But I realised that like fungus sin festers in the dark, thriving on the fact that you neither have the power of overcome it nor the courage to confess it. Coiling up and constricting us, our secrets sins slowly and silently kill us.

It doesn’t matter what your sin maybe fornication, adultery, pornography, drinking, masturbation, drug abuse, stealing, murder, fraud etc if not exposed to the Light your sin will kill you. There is a story of a young boy who goes fishing by the riverside. On his way there he goes deep into the forest near his home to find some worms. In between some rocks oddly enough he finds some thick juicy worms. He fills his little bucket with as many as he can and then off he goes to the river.

Whilst preparing the fishing rod he digs into the bucket for a worm and hooks it on. But he feels a slight sting on his finger whilst doing so. The sensation lasts for a moment and the boy throws the line into the river. To his amazement within moments a very big fish is hooked on the line. Excited by his success he hooks up more worms on the line and catches even more big fish. But each time he put his hand in the bucket to take the worms he felt the stinging sensation. For a while the sensation lasts a little longer each time, until he just can’t feel it anymore. He is numb to the pain. So excited about his catch he puts his fish in his bucket and starts his triumphant trek home.

On his way, his uncle happens to drive past and stops to see if he wants a ride home. But when the boy is in the car his uncle sees his swollen hand and rushes him to the hospital. By the time they arrive the boy is dead.

The little worms that the boy used to catch his fantastic catch were actually tiny snakes, and each sting he felt was a snake bite. See friend a single snake bite from these tiny snakes probably wouldn’t have killed the boy but the accumulation on venom in his system from the repeated act  proved fatal and killed him.

You and I are not condemed (written off for punishment) but we have been convicted (found guilty). I am not here to tell you that  these 10 steps will help you get over your addiction, or that its going to be easy. But the first step is to expose our sins to the Light. Jesus said I am the WAY the TRUTH and LIFE. Be honest with yourself and with others. Its time to come clean.

Time flies so waste it wisely!

It dawned on me the other day that the greatest gift a single person whether young or old has, is time. We have time to do many things, to start again, to dream again, to reach out live wholeheartedly without encumbrance and with abandon. I considered how single young adults struggle to with being alone and wonder if their lives have any direction because their life hasn’t turned out quite how they had expected it. They hit what some would call quarter life crisis settling for unfulfilling jobs and any chance of marriage.

But surely there is more! There has to be! Consider for a moment how children grow from babies to crawlers, then toddlers all in the space of two years. Alot is happening and the progress a child makes is very evident. Now look at yourself and the last two years, what changes have taken place in your life. What have you done with your time? You can come up with different reasons why this or the other dream, goal or resolution did not happen, some could even be genuine but the last thing anyone wants to say is that they wasted their time. As the year comes to a close conduct an audit of your time, have you been using it wisely?

So if you are single this is my challenge to you use your time wisely. Be daring and embrace the things that really matter. Money will come and go but time can never be bought back. King Solomon wrote, there is a time for everything. I want to maximise on the time that I have, and even though sometimes it feels like nothing is changing be diligent.

What’s The Difference Between Purity And Virginity?

Wow what an amazing truth! There are more important things than getting married and making babies! Great blog awesome read!

The Charism of Virginity in the 21st Century


There’s been a lot written lately about the difference between purity and virginity, with those opposed to virginity pledges crying how purity is so much more than physical mechanics. I think the biblical intent was for them to be one in the same because the virginity that two people bring to marriage is symbolic of Christ’s purity and his marriage to the church. When you look at the big picture of what God expects, virginity before marriage actually underscores how we can never measure up to Christ’s purity. It’s a goal that we aim for, but never attain. It reminds us that, even at our best, we are very inaccurate representatives of what real purity looks like. But at the same time, it does publically identify us as people who are trying to live like Christ. More importantly, it symbolizes that we understand the relationship between human sexuality and Christianity…

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